BANKING: Stages of Interview

Typical stages of the interview:
1. Beginnings, Introduction
The interviewer will establish rapport and create a relaxed, though businesslike, atmosphere. This is where the interviewer gets the very important first impression of you.
2. Background & Interests
This usually takes the form of “what,” “why,” “where,” and “when” types of questions. Focus on what you are like, and what you have accomplished, your academic and work background, and your goals. One of the interviewer’s objectives is to see if your qualifications match your declared work interests. Give concise but thorough responses to questions.
3. Qualifications
Assuming you have the necessary qualifications, the interviewer will begin the process of determining whether the employer’s job opening(s) match your interests and qualifications. If there seems to be a match, the interviewer will probably explain job details to see how interested you are in the position.
4. Finale
In this stage, the interviewer should explain what the next steps are in the hiring process. Be sure you understand them. Promptly provide any additional information requested. There should be ample opportunity for you at this point to ask any questions you have.

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