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The Leverage Academy Advisory team provides capital raising and consulting services to middle market businesses & non-profit organizations. In addition to assisting in the business planning phase, the team provides access to experienced entrepreneurs and financiers at all stages of a project's life cycle. The team also specializes in Valuations, Fairness opinions, and Capital raising for transactions with enterprise values between $5 and $100 million.

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Sales & Trading, Hedge Funds

Leverage Academy’s Sales & Trading Curriculum is the only comprehensive 6-week program that prepares students for careers in proprietary trading, idea generation, equity/fixed income/derivative sales, algorithmic trading, and market making. The program includes reference books and guides, a sales & trading game exercise, VBA and macro training, P&L statement templates, securitization and credit models, presentations, instructional videos, and recruiting services. The firm also offers 2 day interview preparation boot camps where students can choose to prepare for mental math questions, brain teasers, and market data questions. The Leverage Academy Sales & Trading program is a one of a kind program that prepares students for careers in the following areas:
  • Cash Equities
  • Equity Linked Securities
  • Convertibles
  • High Yield Research
  • Structured Credit
  • Distressed Credit
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Interest Rate Derivatives
Students have praised the program for its relevance and participate in weekly trading games and competitions.

Curriculum :: Sales & Trading, Hedge Funds

Course Options:

The Leveraged Academy Sales & Trading Training Course explains trading strategies across numerous asset classes that are implemented by hedge funds, banks, institutional investors, brokers, and pension funds. The course places an equal emphasis on the qualitative nature/rationale of the various trading strategies as well as the quantitative modeling and execution of the trades.

The course will start at a basic level explaining the sales and trading landscape currently and touch on quantitative topics in the industry leading into the decision-making and mathematics to put students in a position to enter the industry ahead of the competition.

The course includes an exam after each module (80%) and a Trade Idea Case Study (20%) to be turned in at the end of the six (6) weeks that incorporates a strategy learned in class with relevant risk measures and asset weighting. A Certificate will be issued to those students scoring above 75% in the course.

Class Material

Modules / Weighting

  • Class separated into 8 unique modules

Sales and Trading Landscape

  • Overview
  • Trading Game - Making Markets
  • Careers in the industry
  • Lifestyle of Trading
  • Top Traders, Funds, and Asset Classes
  • Tutorial on Trading Software
    • Bloomberg
    • Intex
    • Unix
    • SAP
    • Platforms

Probability and Statistics of Trading- 10%

  • Basic Statistics
  • Expected Returns and Portfolio Optimization
  • Correlations and Related Trades

Accounting- 10%

  • Accounting for Trades and Related Transactions (Role of an Trading Analyst)
  • Derivatives and Accounting Treatment of Derivative Positions
  • Price Verification and Securities Valuation

Equity Valuation & Credit Analysis- 10%

  • Valuing a Stock
  • Fundamentals of valuing equities
  • Equity Fundamentals and Analysis used by equities researchers on the sell side
  • Strategies
  • Event Driven
  • Market Neutral Strategies
  • Momentum Trades
  • Relative Value Investing
  • Hedging
  • Is this company solvent? – Case Study
  • Profile of Credit Structures Across Industries
  • How credit rating agencies works
  • How would you rate this bond? - Case

Fixed Income Analytics- 10%

  • Mortgage backed Securities
  • Structuring
  • Pricing
  • Analytics
  • Bid Sheets
  • Trading the ABX
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Metrics
  • Total Returns metrics
  • Forward Rates
  • Arbitrage Strategies
  • Convexity
  • Duration

Futures, Options, and FX- 10%

  • Carry Trades
  • Examples of levered carry trades taking advantage of JPY and USD rates
  • Mathematics behind pricing and trading Treasury options and futures
  • Duration Neutral Treasury Curve Tradess

Swaps- 10%

  • Basics of Swaps
  • Uses of Swaps
  • Pricing a Plain Vanilla Swap
  • Pricing a Cross Currency Swap
  • Hedging and Defeasance of a Swap Position

Credit Products- 10%

  • Collateralized Debt Obligations
  • How is a CDO structured?
  • Analytics on Tranches of a Trust Preferred CDO - Case
  • Credit Default Swap
  • Profit and Loss Analysis on a Corporate Swap Positions
  • Curve Trading Credit Default Swaps
  • What is jump-to-default risk?

Equity Derivatives- 10%

  • Best of Calls
  • Worst of Puts
  • Correlation Strategies
  • Warrants
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Total Return Swaps

Academic Performance - Group Projects- 20%

  • Final Case - Trade Ideas